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When you think of the best putters in the golf business, which brands come to mind? Probably one of the four big dogs in the golf equipment industry that have been in the biz for decades, right? Some of these brands have...
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Tim Petrovic Putts with a Legend
Every brand has a story. And every story has a main character. For ARGOLF, the main character in their professional story is newly signed Tim Petrovic of the PGA TOUR Champions. And there he will remain for the next two...
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ARGOLF’s R&D benefits from Siemens advanced integrated solutions
(Jupiter, Florida). ARGOLF putters and irons are a fine blend of finesse, technological precision and top performance. Representing a high-tech approach to developing golf clubs, ARGOLF combines design and technology with Siemens software to achieve precision and quality. By capitalizing on its aeronautical expertise, the...
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