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Broomstick Putters: Why are they so special?
On the contrary to what some may think, broomstick putters (or long putters) are perfectly legal on the greens. However, what is now illegal on the greens is anchoring; and broomsticks putters are the best alternative. For those of you who may have just...
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Lucas Glover using the Argolf Arthur Arm Lock Putter
Since the USGA eliminated the use of anchoring putters in 2016, many golfers have found an alternative way around the ban with an arm lock putter. Golfers have adopted a new putting grip that keeps the hands and arms quiet.Although proven to be...
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LA Golf Shafts, the new “must-have”?
A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY Originally called Matrix Shafts, they became know as LA Golf Shafts when the company was bought out in March 2018. So, what happened exactly? Matrix Shafts went through some financial difficulties and decided to close the shop. After...
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