Argolf AR-F18  Iron
Argolf AR-F18  Iron
Argolf AR-F18  Iron
Argolf AR-F18  Iron

AR-F18 | 52º Loft | Silver Edition


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Argolf Performance benefits:

  • Outstanding Feel
  • Tight Dispersion
  • Excellent Workability
  • Maximum Playability
  • Wide Sole Design
  • Ideal in Bunker

ARGOLF's AR-F18 wedges forged 3 times from S20C Steel or 8620 Soft Carbon Steel, cavity and face milled with CNC for ultimate control of backspin and sidespin. The head design of the AR-F18 wedge will match with any of ARGOLFs iron models AR-F15 and AR-F18.

Lofts are available 52, 56 and, 60 degrees.

Play with the forged AR-F18 wedges and feel the legend and power of the McDonnell Douglas F-18 Super Hornet!

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LOFT 52º
LIE 64º
LENGTH 35.5″
OFFSET 0.060 / 0.050 / 0.050
Total Weight 296G