Arthur Damascus Edition
Arthur Damascus Edition
Arthur Damascus Edition
Arthur Damascus Edition

Arthur Damascus Edition

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  • The ARTHUR putter is designed from a traditional blade putter style, yet performs in a way that is far from that.

    Precisely milled from a solid block of aeronautical-grade Stainless Steel 304 L, the ARTHUR boasts a much higher MOI than comparable models on the market.

    Designers expanded the heel and toe weighting of this high-performance blade putter to improve stability and consistency through the putting stroke. The offset of the plumber’s neck feature on the ARTHUR blade putter keeps the golfer’s hands ahead of the clubface through impact for a more forgiving stroke. Thanks to its unique milling process and enhance features, the ARTHUR contains the ability to adapt itself to the game of a beginner or professional alike.

    The Arthur Blade Putter is also available in the LT Edition.

    The ARTHUR LT is a lighter version of the ARTHUR blade putter milled from 304L German Stainless Steel. Due to its more petite size, this high-performance putter has a slightly lower MOI than the ARTHUR, yet maintains the same superior balance and stability.

    Having two weight classes in the ARTHUR’s extraordinary putter design allows for more custom fitting options. Its full-shaft offset enables the golfer to keep their hands ahead of the putter face at both address and impact. The combination of such offset and ARGOLF's patented C-Cut Diamond grooves on the club face accentuates the topspin effect on the ball for a more accurate roll and feel.

    You can select between the Silver and Dark Edition colors as well as customize your color lines, shaft length, shaft color, and grips. 

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LIE 70°
OFFSET 1/4 Shaft
Balance / Stroke Type Toe Down
Head Weight 370 grams
Total Weight 550 grams
Face C-Cut Diamond Grooves
Head Head 100% milled aeronautical-grade GSS 304L Stainless Steel
Putter Head Finish Damascus Matte Finish