Argolf Avalon Putter
Argolf Avalon Putter
Argolf Avalon Putter
Argolf Avalon Putter
Argolf Avalon Putter
Argolf Avalon Putter


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  • Great forgiveness
  • Increase stability and accuracy
  • Better topspin and feel
The AVALON putter is also available in the Dark Edition.

The AVALON putter is a traditional half mallet putter that is milled from 304L German Stainless Steel providing great forgiveness to the golfer. The putter is heel shafted with a slight offset to its club face that is manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel metal.

Slightly wider than a blade putter, the size of the AVALON putter spreads the weight towards the toe of the putter to increase stability and accuracy.

Unlike most half mallet putters on the market, the AVALON putter is intricately milled from one solid piece of stainless steel metal and does not incorporate any inserts that may affect the transfer of energy at impact. With ARGOLF’s patented C-Cut technology, the ball is not allowed to roll up the club face, thus producing better topspin and feel.

Our half mallet putters (including the AVALON) have been selected on the 2018 Golfdigest Hot List as the best putters in the game!

The AVALON putter comes with a Black Carbon or Blue Carbon headcover.


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